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A chat with... 'more

Who's the creative mind behind 'more?
Three girls who live in Venice, but come from different cities. 
Besides ‘more we work with contemporary art, photography, and the youngest just graduated in marketing. Our skills often complete eachother to discuss our creations, the choice of materials and then come to the realisation of the item. 

When did you start creating and how did you discover your passion?
‘more exists since around two years, it all started in a playful way: we wanted to wear original necklaces and not seeing copies on other girls. Then we found out our creations were really appreciated and started producing them for our friends. And then, through word of mouth, we managed to gather quite a good group of clients.   

Which are your favourite materials? 
We mostly work with glass blown Murano beads, and also with simple materials like terracotta, resin and iron hardware items. 

How would you describe your creative process?
Our creative process always starts with a visit to the Murano island, the most important city in the world for glass creations. There we buy glass beads (both blown and not). When we buy materials we do not think about how we will put together the necklaces.  When we meet to create together we fill the working space with all the materials and we try to combine them. In fact each of us has different tastes in terms of materials and colors to work with. 
This picture gives an idea of one of our typical creative meetings: 


Where does your inspiration come from?
A good chat with friends, a nice glass of wine and fantasy are our inspiration sources!

What is craft for you? A hobby? Your profession? And are you happy with your current situation or would you like to change something?
Our dream would be to only do this as a job, maybe opening a shop in the most beautiful city in the world, Venice! But for the moment ‘more is a hobby that allows us to spend lovely nights together, give free space to our creativity, and make women happy with our jewels.

How would you describe your style?
Let's say that our collaboration brings together different characters and tastes, but for sure our distinctive element is asymmetry. 
In our proposals there are balances that are not strictly related to a formal rigour, but we refer to a deep idea of beauty, which can be found in imperfection and in the dissonant power that can be generated by a form, a material or a color which brings armony to the whole. 

Do you participate in crafty markets/fairs or do you only sell online? 
Our main form of selling is word of mouth, but once in a while we also participate in crafty markets. 



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