Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Setting Up and Opening

The setting up, opening and first weekend in Oplà were so busy that time was just flying. and tomorrow is time to open again! I am really lucky because I have enough friends around me to make these experiences so great. Friends who helped me to set up and keep calm during the pre-opening, friends who came by to say hello and keep me company during opening time, and last but not least, friends who bought items from the shop. 
Of course it's because they loved the amazing stuff I sell, but also because they want to support me in this adventure. 
Here's a few images for you of the work in progress and setting up...and stay tuned for more interviews to the designers!!!!  



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Oplà is the next Minishop at Roodkapje, running from july 20th to sept 2nd. Oplà offers a selection of i(ndie)talian craft, to bring in Rotterdam a bunch of talented creative minds all the way from Italy!



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