Thursday, June 28, 2012

A chat with... PeekaBoo cornershop

Hello everyone
first of all, thanks a lot for all the enthousiasm around Oplà. so far I got so many nice feedbacks about the invitation card, the blog, the facebook makes me even more enthousiastic about this project! July 20th is slowly approaching and there are SO MANY things to do... but I'm happy to say I'm on schedule and I'll be able to keep working on holiday as no panic! 
Today I would like to start introducing to you one of the designers who will exhibit and sell in Oplà: PeekaBoo cornershop. Enjoy!

- Who's the creative mind behind peekaboo cornershop?
All creations of Peekaboo cornershop  are made and designed  by myself ,Stefano  by the support of my girlfriend, Roberta, that helps me to arrange the online shop and to find and develop new  ideas.
This project was born two years ago to follow my passion for the crafts and jewellery.

- When did you start creating and how did you discover your passion?
I started to make jewellery many years ago. When I was in Italy I worked  as a  jewellery designer for many companies using 3D softwares .Two  years ago ,I moved to London and I've  started to create bijoux using shrink plastic, polymer clay and other materials.
My  passion was born twenty years ago,in fact I studied jewellery making at  the  Institute of Art  In Tuscany,Italy.

- Which are your favourite materials?
My favourite materials are shrink plastic,polymer clay,some fabrics,ceramics or glass .I also love working with  gold , silver and steel.

-How would you describe your creative process and Where does your inspiration come from?
My creative process first of all  is visual, I like to draw inspiration from colours, attractive shapes and all the contrasts that come from nature,landscapes or through the different expressions of people....
The melting pot of London  is really ideal for that!

- What is craft for you? A hobby? Your profession? And are you happy with your current situation or would you like to change something?
My craft creations at the moment are also my work .Currently,I'm working as a market trader at Greenwich market of London. I'm very glad about this job,the market is an exciting environment to show and sell the hand-crafted products. 

- How would you describe your style?
I could describe my style like a fusion of design and different suggestions,
Is like a fun game ,a world of shapes and different stories that mix and fit each other.

- Do you participate in crafty markets/fairs or do you only sell online? 
Yes, I participate in many  craft markets,expecially in London,(Camden town market,Sunday up market,Backyard market and the Greenwich market).
This 15th of june  I also  taken part in a jewellery fair at Greenwich market.



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Oplà is the next Minishop at Roodkapje, running from july 20th to sept 2nd. Oplà offers a selection of i(ndie)talian craft, to bring in Rotterdam a bunch of talented creative minds all the way from Italy!



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